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Main Languages: Java, HTML 5, CSS, Racket
Secondary Languages: JavaScript, Python, C
To Learn: R, MATLAB, C++, Swift and SQL

Growing up, I was always very design, creation and art-oriented, never imagining that I could excel in a STEM field, even though I loved tech and science. That mindset stayed until I started learning more about engineering, and how its inherent purpose was to create solutions that solved problems. This was when I decided to take a leap of faith, so I went to UW's Engineering Camp to gain more exposure.

I immediately realized from my experiences there that I loved combining the fields of technical, STEM-related subjects with my design-oriented passions to create tangible programs and solutions. Here I am, learning more everyday about tech and programming and loving it!

Chuckie Egg - GUI in Java

Chuckie Egg Image Chickens Heart Lives Farmer

Chuckie Egg is an interactive video game to replicate the original that was released in 1983. I redesigned the spritesheets, as shown above, for the various animated objects to modernize the retro art-style. I used Paint.NET to achieve this, along with other graphic design software.

This is also the first time I used GUIs extensively to create a project as complicated as this, so I focused on the character movements, collision detection between objects and working on the logic to solve the special-case collision bugs where the player got stuck.

Hopefully I can also work on adding more levels as well!

You can also check out the source code on my GitHub: Chuckie Egg - GitHub

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