Here's a feature of all of my favourite hobbies and projects!

Below, I have samples of various forms of academic writing, music I cover or create, clothes I design and sew from scratch and much more!
I'm also currently obsessed with my new 3D printer, so I've been putting AutoCAD to good use as well. Hope you enjoy!

My first 3D Print!

Finished Product Base of Print Print almost done Print while slicing

This is the first print I have designed! I recently got a Creality Ender-5 3D Printer and I created this in AutoCAD. I wanted to make a little storage unit in the garage entry-way to hold masks in a clean and compact manner, so I devised this basket that hangs onto our shelf. It took nearly 24 hours to print and about 300g of filament, but I think it was worth it!

From left to right: Finished product, first few base layers being printed, built nearly complete, the design being sliced.
Then, there's a quick youtube video to show a 360 view of the design.

A quick sketch.

The original photo A sketch of a possum next to pumpkins

I recently saw this adorable photo of a possum (on the left)! My friend and I both agreed that it would look very cute as an outline tattoo, so I took to create a digital sketch of it!

A cozy crocheted hat.

The hat I crocheted

With the Covid lockdown, I'm always looking for new things to keep my hands busy with. Since it's been cold outside and my overflowing craft bin was begging me to create something new, I decided to crochet the perfect winter hat! I definitely recommend taking some time off to crochet while listening to a podcast, watching TV or reading.

I used my trusty 8.0 mm hook and 1/4 of a skein of Bernat's Baby Blanket Yarn in two different colours.

My prom dress!

The prom dress I sewed

I believe that this is the project that launched my love for design and made me recognize that the only inhibitor of creativity is the restrictions you set for yourself.

This is the prom dress that I designed myself and sewed from scratch using two curtain panels. My inspiration was drawn from my passion for fashion, as well as interest in sustainable habits. As I learned more about the detrimental effects of fast fashion, I delved deeper into how to improve my own consumption, sewing my own clothes and fell in love with the idea of designing my own dress.

I toiled over this dress for days on end, sewing, measuring, trying it on, ripping out the seams and resewing it.

This dress has a lot of detailed elements that I implemented myself, including a sweetheart neckline, flowy ruched straps, an invisible zipper at the back, a full circle skirt and pockets!

Photo Gallery

Bruce Peninsula Old Quebec building Dave's Fish and Chips A sunset Seattle Museum
St Lawrence Market The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted
The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted
The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted The hat I crocheted

As a visual learner, photographs hold a special significance for me to capture a moment in time. They also remind me of my favourite quote from the book The Alchemist: "Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity."

It emphasizes that time, subsistence and all that happens, exists forever. Much longer than what our human minds are capable of holding. This is why I strive to take photos and improve my photography, not only for the aesthetic, but to capture the moment of a feeling or time to remind myself when my memory falters.

These photos are taken on various devices, including my Canon PowerShot S3 IS and a range of iPhones.

My IB Diploma Thesis.

This is the academic piece of writing that I take the most pride in.

I spent almost two years planning, creating a research question, meticulously searching for various sources and performing music analysis to reach my conclusion. It was incredibly rewarding and enthralling to throw myself into a subject in such depth, simultaneously improving my writing skills and allowing me to be creative about a topic that is incredibly important to me!

Growing up playing piano, I quickly realized that I resonated with the Romantic Era style the most, particularly with masters like Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Chopin, who do an exceptional job at conveying human emotions and spirit through music. I specifically chose to research about Chopin because I saw parallels between how I longed to stay close to my home culture like him. He brought forth a beacon of hope to the Polish people when they were amidst a war through a universal language that can trespass past any borders, and I wanted to investigate the depth of which he was capable of doing so, while still keeping many stylistically Western characteristics in his music.

Feel free to take a read and reach out to discuss! I'm passionate about topics surrounding ethnomusicology and musical styles, so I would love to hear input and learn more!

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